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Images below: Deccan Herald, New Indian Express, Times of India, July 4, 2015, Mangaluru

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  • Mangalore City Corportion to Revamp Malaria Control Programme: Mayor Presides Meeting on July 21, 2014 [See The Hindu | Times of India| Deccan Herald | Vijaya Karnataka | Udayavani | Varthabharathi]
  • toijul12
  • MCC criticised for lack of efforts to tackle malaria [The Hindu, Jul 9, 2014]
  • Malaria resurgence in Mangalore: Press statement and follow-up [Press statement | TOI, Jan 15, 2014 | Vartabharati, Jan 16, 2014 | The Hindu, Jan 17, 2014 | Follow-up meeting and reports]
  • India will soon become diabetes capital [The Hindu, Oct 29, 2012]
  • Inspired by BV Kakkilaya, school bags for kids [Deccan Herald | Times of Inida |  The Hindu | | Mangalore Today
  • Doctors for uniformity in malaria treatment. Raghava M. The Hindu. May 16, 2012. [See]
  • Rationalists warn people against AYUSH system: These are not considered systems of medicine, says a doctor. The Hindu. December 5, 2011 [See]  [See]
  • Viral infections rise with onset of dry winter season. Jaideep Shenoy, TNN.  Nov 25, 2011. [See]
  • Mangloreans battle flu, rhinitis as winter chill sets in. Jaideep Shenoy, TNN Nov 24, 2011. [See] [See]
  • Flawed data collection raises doubts over malaria control programme. Raghava M. The Hindu. June 11, 2011 [See]
  • Problems dog anti-filariasis campaign. Raghava M. The Hindu. February 3, 2011. [See]
  • Mangalore corporation fails to seek aid for malaria control. Sudipto Mondal. The Hindu. Oct 19, 2010 [See]
  • 999 malaria cases in August alone – Pronounced spurt in the incidence of malaria since 2005. The Hindu. September 17, 2010. [See] [See]
  • Concern over rise in malaria cases – City corporation organises workshop on prevention and control of malaria. The Hindu. September 4, 2010 [See]
  • Chikungunya: experts see lapses in treatment system. The Hindu. Jul 06, 2008 [See]
  • Chikungunya scare: committee report yet to be made public. The Hindu. August 21, 2008. [See]
  • Four-laning work to be completed by December 2007. The Hindu. December 16, 2006. [See]
  • Students advised to analyse their aptitude before choosing a career. The Hindu. June 18, 2006. [See]
  • Heavy blow to malaria control drive in city. The Hindu. May 4, 2006. [See]
  • Mangalore residents cautioned against spread of malaria. The Hindu. Aug 22, 2005 [See]
  • Radio still rules the airwaves. Stanley G Pinto. TNN May 8, 2002. [See]
  • Insecticide spray is killing a village. Stanley G. Pinto. Times of India Jan 6, 2001 [See]

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