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This is about integrating all my little  knowledge.

Our beautiful blue planet, Earth, was formed almost four and a half billion years ago and a billion years or so later Life appeared on it. As myriad forms of life evolved, each dependent on the other, our planet was at one time probably the most spectacular part of the Universe. Then evolved, about 200 thousand years ago, a species called Man. Mother Nature’s intentions were certainly good. But this particular species thought otherwise.

He lived the life of a hunter-gatherer for most of his life. Only about 12000 years ago, he decided to grow his own food. And he plundered the forests, the erstwhile source of all his food, to make vast, cultivable fields. He domesticated animals, some even bigger than him, to ‘help’ him. In some parts of the world today, these animals, the livestock, even outnumber man himself! Then he started trading. And expanded the repertoire of tradable commodities, built factories, ever the bigger, all spewing a variety of gases into the atmosphere, choking the earth. And his zest for faster trade and travel brought the cars and the jets that drank all the fuel hidden inside the earth’s belly, only to spew more venom onto the atmosphere. As the gases of the livestock and the factories and the cars and the jets enveloped the earth, global temperatures have started rising. Water, the very essence of life, is becoming scarce. With oil wells drying up, food grains are finding their way into fuel tanks, as though feeding the machines is more important and urgent than feeding the mouths. The very foods that he grew (with added fertilizers and pesticides) and then processed to satisfy just the taste buds are proving his nemesis, causing far too many diseases, the so called diseases of civilisation. With food, shelter and trade monopolised by a handful few, poor are becoming poorer and the rich, richer. The pressures of sheer numbers of mankind and his livestock have driven many a species into extinction. These selfish actions of man, driven solely by money and deliberately unmindful of the consequences, are increasingly proving antagonistic to Mother Nature. As the blame game continues, these are spiralling into a tragedy that is threatening the very existence of life on earth.

It is now time we return to Mother Nature..

  • Stop the plunder
  • Bring the jungle to our concrete cities
  • Eat what a hunter gatherer eats
  • All live for one and one lives for all
  • Live and let live all the wonderful life forms on earth
  • But is it possible to undo the devastation?



This is the Online Journal that I publish and edit, every three months since 2002.

The Online Journal of Health & Allied Sciences is the FIRST ‘Online Only’ medical journal from India that is peer reviewed, open access, free for publishing. The journal brings the vast potential of the Internet to the doorsteps of the biomedical fraternity for publishing various topics of common interest. [Visit]

Spandana Metabolics

This is about the work that we do in our Clinic: Managing Metabolic Syndrome related disorders.

Human body is THE BEST system ever designed by nature. We ought to save this treasure for long years without willfully damaging it. But in the recent years, diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery disease, certain cancers, degenerative neurological diseases, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis and many others are increasing in epidemic proportions world over. Recent research provides enough proof for the fact that these ‘Diseases of Civilization’ are caused by the way we live and the food we eat, the insults we repeatedly thrust on our body. Not only are these preventable, but also correctable if only we change our habits.

Many of these diseases are grouped together as Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolism is the process by which our body utilizes and assimilates energy. The internal environment of our body is so well designed that it is extremely well controlled and capable of responding to any challenges from the external environment in which we live. But our food and life style can put this well controlled system out of gear and the result is the Metabolic Syndrome.

Spandana Centre for Metabolic Medicine, for the FIRST TIME ANY WHERE IN INDIA, brings to you the state-of-science facilities for assessing the Metabolic Derangements in your body and provides a Complete Lifestyle and Food Guide to overcome the problems if any and prevent any in the future. This Total and Natural Way to Attain Health will transform the way you look at yourself, making you the manager of your health. Healthy Weight Loss will just be an added benefit! [Visit]

Kakkilayas of Bevinje

This is about our Kakkilaya Family.

Kakkilayas are a respected and reputed family from Bevinje, a village near Chengala, 8 kms. from Kasaragod. Kakkilayas of Bevinje have been and are known for their public activities, philanthropic and charitable disposition and social and political work. Their ancestral house at Bevinje, even after 150 years of construction, continues to be a centre of religious and social functions. Kakkilayas, wherever or whatever they happen to be, are proud of their Bevinje. [Visit]

Rational Medicine

This is about rationalism in medical practice.

Medical practice, a perfect combination of art and science, is as old as mankind itself. With the spectacular advances in technology finding their way into medical practice, this noble profession is steadily turning into a business. Commercial considerations are often seen to influence decisions of investigations and treatment.  This site is a humble attempt to popularize the concept of Rational Medical Practice, the need of the hour..


Malaria Site

This is my comprehensive web site on malaria.

Malaria, the ‘King of Diseases’, continues to haunt and taunt mankind. More than a century after identification of the causative parasites, and more than half a century after finding effective drugs and insecticides, the disease as old as humanity itself, affects more than 500 million and kills nearly 2 million people every year. The dreaded disease is difficult to eradicate and its control is possible ONLY with coordinated efforts of the general public, healthcare personnel and government agencies. And with global warming threatening to increase mosquito density and the spread of other mosquito borne infections like Dengue and Chikungunya, time has come for all of us to wake up.

This web site provides comprehensive information on the history, aetiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment, complications and control measures of malaria. It also showcases the malaria control efforts at Mangalore, South India. [Visit]